Are you ready to make a change? Maybe you are worried about the stability of the economy right now or maybe you have been laid off due to the current world events.

I was the same 6 years ago, tired and ready for a major change in my life. I woke up one morning, went into my job to find out that the funds for my contract were frozen. This was the third time that this happened and I was tired. I told myself that I needed a change, I needed to do something different because this was not working.

I went on a journey of education. I obtained many credentials and spent a lot of money on schooling to find myself right back where I started. I was doing a little bit of stuff online at this time but nothing serious. After being laid off for the fourth time I was done. I was tired of having to rely on others to pay my bills. So I started to look for another way. I knew that I wanted to make a passive income but did not know how because none of my education taught this. Again I went back to school thinking that a business school would teach me how to make money passively. Instead, I found that it gave me the foundations of business. Along with this degree I chose a specialization in marketing, I really wanted to learn to be an investment broker and real estate but at that time the markets were flooded with people who were brokers. So I chose the marketing route.

Fast forward a couple of years I was still only marketing online as a hobby. At some point, I decided that I was going to give it a go. Struggling for a while I started to give up, I have heard it said many times that when you are ready to give up is when the miracle happens. For me, this was not true. It took approximately 6 months of hard work and long days to make my first sale. The hard work didn’t really stop but I was able to duplicate it over and over along with automation. I have been able to offset my current income enough to live comfortably. I started this blog to help you learn affiliate marketing and other forms of online business so you do not have to be scared like I was.

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