How Did I Get Here? My Success Story.

You might be wondering how I got here. This morning, I found myself asking the same question. While reflecting on this question I started to step backward through a very specific series of events. When I finished my MBA about four years ago I was looking for a business to start. After all, I was well educated and knew business and marketing. I was looking for a way to make a passive income in my spare time. I could not figure it out. I tried stocks and made a little money but not enough to scream about. I really wanted to offset my income because I really wanted to pay off my student loan debt quickly.

I thought about it for a long time and could not figure out what type of online business to start that did not cost a lot of money, what I could make to sell that people would want, or even how to actually make money online. After a while, I started to give up and thought that I should look at possibly finding a second job.

I remember watching some videos on YouTube one day, some videos about sales and business. While I was watching these videos, I kept hearing about making a good income with affiliate marketing. I researched more about the topic, learned as much as I could. I quickly realized that I could do this. I remember thinking man I do not want to get involved in MLM because I remembered all of the scams that were taking place when I was young. That definitely is not what this is. It quickly became clear to me how to how easy it actually was to start an online business. Over a couple months or so in my spare time, learning more and more, I also learned that I did not have to spend a bunch of money to start. If you are reading this, frustrated because you think you need thousands and thousands of dollars to start a business, you need to know that this is a myth. You do not need thousands of dollars in training or other expenses to start your business.

 As a result of my research, I started my online business for under $1000. I started by selling other people’s products online with a single-page website. After I started seeing the first few dollars come in, I could see that I was starting to accomplish something I had tried to achieve for a few years. Realizing that I did not need a crazy amount of money to start the business actually eliminated one of my limiting beliefs which prevented me from starting a business sooner.

On my journey, I performed a lot more research on affiliate marketplaces, email autoresponders, sales funnels, marketing, sales, advertising, oh man it would not stop! Rabbit hole after rabbit hole. I think that this was the most frustrating part of learning about it. There was shiny object after shiny object. 

After I learned all I could and started to execute, finding a good niche and driving traffic was not as easy as some described. Then again, is it ever as easy as the professionals make it look? Performing more research I found out about split testing, market research through social media groups, rabbit hole after rabbit hole again. I started testing different methods and found stuff that worked. Split testing was a lifesaver and no idea how I actually forgot about this. I actually went back and looked in some of my marketing books from school and yup, there it is.

Starting out, the learning curve was actually quite steep. The thing about the schooling versus what I was learning is that the schooling did not actually teach me to execute. It taught me concepts and how to research. I ended up finding a mentor after a while to help me learn and execute properly. Setting everything up, testing it, and building out customer lists. I recommend finding a mentor sooner than later. There are people out there that are happy to help without paying thousands for coaching.

While I was executing, there were times that I wanted to give up. This is where the phrase Just Keep GOING!! came from. I kept repeating this in my head over and over until I succeeded. I think that this is the point of business, never give up. I have heard over and over many times that right when you feel like giving up, keep going because this is usually when success starts to happen. While I can tell you that I am not a millionaire, I do have a nice secondary revenue stream coming in that is achieving what I wanted. Some day I will grow this business bigger but for now, it is working exactly how I want it to.

I have decided to share the knowledge that I have gained with those that want to learn without all of the shiny objects. These posts are just that, free sharing of knowledge that I have tested and currently use. As I continue on my journey, I look forward to sharing with you!

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