Don’t Fall For Another $1000 Course. You Need To Read This!

For some of you out there who are just starting to break into entrepreneurship, there are many things that can affect your business. One of them is called “shiny object syndrome”. According to Entrepreneur (2017), shiny object syndrome is a disease that distracts entrepreneurs due to their need for new technology and new developments.

I have been watching advertisements and new marketing techniques on the Internet for a while now. Reflecting on some of the newer advertisements I have seen lately online one would observe “new course for this”, “new thousand dollar thing that”, “new shiny this”, “new shiny technique that”. After talking with people in some of the different social media groups I frequent, I realized that there are a lot of people that have bought into these. Essentially falling for the new shiny object. I love education as much as the next person but the one thing I cannot stand is seeing people getting ripped off. I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn over the years, and I am here right now to pass my knowledge to you.

Here is the thing, when I started in affiliate marketing I was able to start, with education, business start-up costs, everything needed for under $1000 dollars. Heck, I could have started for less if I wouldn’t have paid for a legal team to register my business and did it my self. This was about half of the $900 I spent to get started.


I am going to set the stage now for why this post came about. Over the course of the past 6 months, I have been performing research on Amazon FBA, joining groups, learning on my own, talking with other people to get a feel for the market and tactics. I kept hearing time and time again these nightmare stories of people who have lost thousands with no tangible business or ROI. It seems the same story is told over and over they were learning to sell Amazon FBA through some brand new shiny course that told them they needed to launch multiple products before they got their feet wet. That they needed a minimum of $5,000 to $8,000 before they even start. DO NOT fall for these fly by night courses!

I am no expert in Amazon but I know well enough that you do not launch a bunch of stuff through online marketing without testing it. This means start smaller, gain experience, test your product, test your marketing tactics, adjust, rinse, repeat until you have a viable solution and then scale after the testing is done. When I hear people launching multiple products in an attempt to get rich quick, I cringe. After all, what happens if you launch multiple products, waste money for inventory, and the product does not sell? You are out thousands of dollars!

This blog post is not about Amazon, it is about the process to learn any kind of online business you want in a manner that does not break your business budget. If you are like me, I did not have the resources to spend on some expensive courses. I had credit cards but I was already in enough debt, why would I put myself in more. In this blog post I am going to talk about something that should be very obvious, yet many people I have spoken to do not understand it. How to find what you need to know for next to nothing. I will be talking in future blog posts about how I came out of a funk with a program that was not only good but fairly inexpensive ($100).

New Shiny Object

Alright so, the first thing is first. Wash your brain with some bleach and forget everything you know about these courses or what you have learned from so-called “gurus”. I am just going to put this out here, call it what it is, their sole purpose is to take your money and become wealthy. Let’s think about this for a minute, a younger person comes online talking about how they made millions and millions of dollars doing X. But they have proof of their income right? Wait, what’s this?

Image of Amazon FBA Income Reports

Next time, listen to how they say what they are saying. I have personally listened to hundreds of these types of advertisements and there are clues in them that indicate they are misleading you. Now I am not saying that there aren’t some out there that are legitimate, in fact, there are many great coaches that are advertising every day. If you are going to look for a coach or a mentor, make sure that they have a proven track record. Today, I have decided that I am going to write this post, in an effort, to help others not make this same mistake. As an avid researcher, I can tell you that there are key things that I look for while researching a topic on the Internet.

Here are some easy to follow techniques to help you learn about the business you want! I do want to point out that research is a tedious process. Reading article after article. There is a faster way which I talk about in the “Learn From Valid, Cheaper Video Courses”.

Look for Consistency

While I am reading through different articles online, I will find interesting pieces and note them. I will then go out to other resources and see if more than one person is talking about the same thing. I use this as a jump-off point and verify the validity. I do this for many different areas of articles that seem legitimate, if I find that more than a few people are talking about the same things then I will know the article is probably valid.

Validate Your Findings

I will run through validate and scrutinize everything that I read. This process is very tedious and can take the most time. Validating your findings is something that is an absolute must. Do not believe one or two people, believe the masses. While this seems contrarian to what you may think, these are the tried and true techniques that others have spent a lot of time validating for you. It will save you both time and money. I will generally look at any references that are supplied, see if the article referenced is from a credible author.

Examine the Time of the Article or Post

Look at the timing. When did the person write the article? A technique that was used five years ago may not still be applicable in the current landscape. There have been too many times that I have seen and called out techniques in advertisements that were from two years ago when a market was still new.

Learn all the Things!

Learn as much as you can about a topic. You must go through a trial and error phase when you execute but make sure that you know how how to go through this phase before you jump in. Do not just read one article and execute. Unless you like to lose money and time?

Keep Notes

I will bookmark the articles that I find which seem consistent and valid. I use them as a testbed for actual validation of the results during the execution phase. I generally will keep notes of interesting topics to try as I build. Marking down what works and what doesn’t

Private Label Rights Content

You can obtain a lot of content through private label rights or PLR websites. Some of the content may not be very good, so you will need to validate what you are reading. Again, do not fall for the “shiny object”. Stick to the facts and tried and true methods for now. There are many good PLR sites out there that you can pull content from. Some of these sites have a membership fee and some you have to pay a little bit for the content. This is also used in affiliate marketing which I will discuss in a later post.

Learn From Valid, Cheaper Video Courses

There are times when I do not have time to read for hours and would rather watch and learn while I am at the gym. There is a great resource that I use quite frequently, it only costs a few dollars, but not thousands is Udemy. You can find excellent courses on this platform for under $20. These will teach you the basics of what you need to know to get started. If you are looking for an excellent course on FBA, there is a lady by the name of Theo McArthur who put together a great course. This is a step by step course on how to set up an Amazon FBA business.

Please note: I do not get any commission from recommending that course, in fact, I did not even link to it. This is a personal recommendation.

Execution is Key

This is the scary part. You have learned all this knowledge but are you ready? YES, go out and execute! Do not procrastinate. This is the part where a lot of people get stuck. Just keep going! What is the point in learning all of these things if you do not use them? You have to test what you learned, try it, tweak it, rinse, and repeat. Online business is a lot of trial and error. Anyone that tells you that you are going to become a millionaire your first time out of the gate is only there to become a millionaire off of you! YOU HAVE TO LEARN THROUGH TRIAL AND ERROR!!

I want to be clear about something. There is a difference between coaching or mentorship from a legitimate, accredited person and a course.

For those interested in creating an online business, I am putting together some free resources in the coming weeks and will offer them in a free training bundle. The bundle will be absolutely free and I will be offering you guys access to a $100 course that I took which changed my life and my online business.


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