Entrepreneurial Goal Crushing, Stay Motivated!

One of the topics I briefly touched on this week is motivation. As an entrepreneur, I know far too well the struggle of staying motivated. Man, things are getting off track, I missed today, this just isn’t working, and why do I have to keep going. This is my internal struggle. That voice constantly telling me to quit after I reach a certain point. From the outside, my friends and family see me complete goal after goal, day in and day out. Crushing my goals over and over. As an entrepreneur, I love to see what I create grow but I also get bored with it once I start to see growth. I constantly have to remain motivated by the continuation of goal setting and making a change or I will leave whatever project I have going at the time where it is. So why am I bringing this up? I am talking about this because I wanted to share with you my strategy for goal setting and busting boredom.


I have found that boredom plays a huge part in this. Most of the time I will learn as much as I can about a topic as fast as possible, implement it to make sure that I understand and then become bored with it. Kind of like the kid that got a new toy for Christmas played with it once, and then let it lay on their bedroom floor. So how do I crush this boredom? I will set more goals that seem unachievable to me at the time. I will challenge myself to a point where I have to actually learn again. Once I feel I am starting to get bored, I will set more goals to reach the next level.

About Goal Setting

Goal setting was hard for me when I first started. Over time, practicing this over and over, completing the goals became much easier. I would start out with a larger goal, break it down into smaller goals which would allow me to complete the main goal in steps. Here is an example:

Major Goal: Start an Online Marketing Firm

  1. Research the business
  2. Register my business
  3. Obtain EIN
  4. Open bank account
  5. Obtain legal counsel
  6. Sign up for online accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, GetResponse, and all others.
  7. Set up pay account such as Stripe
  8. Hire someone to make ad images
  9. Hire someone to write copy
  10. Set up a website to receive email addresses and leads
  11. Advertise the company through social media
  12. Receive email addresses and perform follow up

When all of these steps were complete, I had a list of potential clients, I know that the business is up. So I would talk to a few potential customers and once one was obtained I would perform the services agreed upon. Then what? I had performed the action, made a little money. Aaaanddd there’s no autopilot yet so keep going!

The next set of goals would most likely be something like this

  1. Run more advertisements
  2. Reach out to clients to see if they have any recommendations
  3. Ask for testimonials
  4. Receive and follow up with new potential clients
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Micro Goals

Inside of each of these steps, there are smaller steps that can be set. For instance, running advertisements

  1. Have the content created (Facebook Image)
  2. Set up the ad and grab the pixel to set up on the website
  3. Run advertisement
  4. Watch the analytics from the pixel to see if the site is getting traffic, if not, tweak and adjust where they are getting stuck
  5. Set up email response sending them a link to your calendar to set up a meeting

Each goal or step that is set can be broken down into a smaller set of steps. Completing these goals step by step is what makes me successful at whatever I do. It is not a hard concept but it takes a little work.


Once I get to a point where I feel like I am doing things on autopilot is where I get bored. It is at this point that I know it is time to change and add another goal. From here I can add something like scale or reach out to brick and mortar businesses as a major goal and break that down. I will need to hire someone (most likely a virtual assistant) to perform most of the duties such as creating and running ads, setting up automatic email responses, and such that I am currently performing so I can focus on the next thing. I would create the steps for the VA and once they are in place, I execute the next piece. Whatever that piece is.

Procrastination Buster

While the above is just an example, this concept can be applied to almost anything in life. This use of goal setting has allowed me to get right back on track when I miss a day and those voices start to creep back in. I know exactly where I left off and where I am going next. Even if I get to a point where I really am procrastinating, I will sit down almost like a robot and perform the activity. I will literally force myself to do whatever it is, putting into my mind that it is life or death of the business. If something in the timeline gets messed up or slips, very simple, adjust and adapt. Nothing goes as smoothly as one would like, success is dependant on your ability to refine their processes.

That is all for this post. Remember, JUST KEEP GOING!

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