The Challenge of a Lifetime! Something to Get You Off Your Butt and Start!!

Today, I am going to leave a shorter post for you. While the content of this post is short, the things learned from the challenge discussed were invaluable. One of the things that I really enjoy is learning. Not too long ago, there was a four-day bootcamp training that I went through. The four days consisted of different interviews of entrepreneurs where they discuss what they would do if they had to start over. At the end of this free bootcamp there was an offer to sign up for a 30-day challenge and gain access to all of the interviews for the summit which cost $100. The challenge seemed pretty interesting with many more interviews. The interviews held a lot of great information that could be applied to many different business types so if you embark on the journey, be sure to take a lot of notes. Before the start of the training, the interviews and reading fed into the anticipation which kept building up to the first day of the challenge. The name of the original program in case you are curious is the affiliate bootcamp. As a part of this, you receive a 100 days eBook and some more interviews with plans. While the bootcamp waas interesting, I want to talk to you about a program that not only gave working knowledge but also kicked my butt. In this post, I will cover the challenge that takes place after the bootcamp. This challenge is a monster!!

The Challenge

The challenge itself is called the One Funnel Away Challenge. This part of the program was definitely just that, a challenge. You need to maintain a high level of interest and execute the missions every single day or you will get behind very fast. The best thing about taking part besides the fact that it gets you off of your butt to execute what you are learning is the actual content. The amount of content that you receive is well worth the $100. Along with the content is the live coaching calls. These calls allow you to ask questions from those who have been doing this for a long time. The content presented drives you to want to build out your business. The company provides a very large amount of information related to sales, marketing, sales funnel building, and advertising. The building of an online business is very real with the challenge. When you sign up for the challenge, you are also given access to a Facebook group and a member’s area. The Facebook group gives you a lot of support and allows you to learn from others.

The first thing that you will get access to is all of the interviews. Each of the interviews is roughly 30 minutes and includes a bonus video that covers their sales funnel and their 30-day plan. The screenshot below covers a list of the interviewees and as you can see, there are a lot.

A view of all of the interviews
All of the Interviews on the Left
Example of what is included in the interview section
Example of the Interview Section

The member’s area also holds all of the mission videos and worksheets that are provided during the course of five weeks. But wait, you said it was four weeks? You are correct. Week 0 is the pretraining week where they build up your belief in completing the challenge. As you can see in the image below, there are many missions. Each of those mission areas includes 3–4 videos that range from 10 minutes to an hour.

Overall, the tasks you are given are a step by step guide to building out your sales funnel and launching your product or service. You are required to pick a niche and execute your plan.


Again, the content that you receive is worth the $100. I have paid thousands of dollars in the past to have a business advisor help launch previous businesses. Through this program, you can save that money and have a step by step guide on how to actually build and execute. Furthermore, my marketing degree taught me theory, this challenge taught real-world application in a step by step fashion. If you are looking for an excellent program that will help you learn how to execute or improve your online marketing skills the One Funnel Away Challenge is absolutely it.

Alight, that’s it for this short post today. Remember, JUST KEEP GOING!!

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