Autoresponder!?! What Is This and Why Do I Need One?

Over the past few weeks, I have been adding topics to my list of ways to help you. Today I am going to talk about autoresponders. You may be asking yourself “what the heck is an autoresponder”? This is for you! An autoresponder is exactly what it sounds like, it automatically responds to certain events taking place on a website or in our case, a sales funnel. Based on an action such as purchasing or not purchasing the autoresponder can send an email or SMS message to the person as long as the entered information somewhere on the form.

Here is a scenario to help you get a better picture. You set up a form on your web page asking for an email address in exchange for a free item. The person enters their information and they receive an email that contains the free item or a download link. That email that they receive is sent from an autoresponder. Many of the emails and offers that are sent out after someone has signed up for something online are sent from this type of system.

Brands and Companies

As you can imagine, there are many companies out there that offer this type of service. Two of the more well-known ones are GetResonse and ActiveCampaign. Both of these systems are set up to.perform the needs of auto-response, email marketing, and many other things. Along with these two systems, Clickfunnels offers an autoresponder as well. Their system requires something such as SendGrid for the mail configuration.

Other Features

Along with the autoresponder functionality, each of these has the ability to automatically add respondents to email.lists for easier management. Why would this be needed you might ask? Let’s say that John signed up for a free item about sales. You can add him to the sales list for future offerings around sales training or material. This way when you have another course you are trying to sell, he can be automatically added to the email marketing campaign.

Some of these systems also offer the ability to create a sales funnel. I have covered the basics of sales funnels in past blog posts so I will not cover them here. So depending on which features you need, there are some options. I should also note the range in price is also different. GetResonse has a ton of features that come in handy. Some of these include funnels, email marketing, lists, and automation.

Image of GetResponse features
GetResponse Feature Set

So Which One Do I Choose?

This I kind of about personal preference. The solution that I chose was to implement multiple. This way if anything happens I do not lose my full list. Kind of not wanting to put all of my eggs in one basket scenario. Personally, GetResonse fit my needs or wants the best. This system also, if there ever comes a time where Clickfunnels is too expensive or saving money becomes an essential part of my business, offers the ability to create funnels. So I will still have a list and the ability to create sales funnels in an automated fashion without the need for the Clickfunnels platform. While Clickfunnels is awesome and makes life really easy when it comes to all things affiliate marketing, I am the type of person that has to have a contingency plan.

The other solution I chose was Clickfunnels. Their automation for email auto-response and triggers was amazing. The ability to trigger events like did not purchase made life super easy compared to the other platforms where you have to kind of hack it together.

Triggers for people who did not purchase
Triggers for People Who Didn’t Purchase
Email Lists for those who didn’t purchase
Email Lists Grouped by Purchase or Didn’t Purchase

The integration between Clickfunnels and GetResonse was a little tricky as you can see in an earlier blog post but once everything is up and going, you are good to go. The ability to use multiple email lists and platforms, for what I needed, was perfect.

That’s all for this post, hopefully, there was some value for you. I am always open to questions and comments. Really quickly, just in case, I am throwing out my → Facebook ← information in case I do not see responses here. remember everyone, Just Keep GOING!!

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