What is a Split Test and How Do I Perform One? How To Increase Your Conversion Rates!

Ok, so you have launched your sales funnel for an affiliate product, your own product, or whatever it is that you are trying to get people to buy. You launch your ad and you wait. Now what? You are sitting there waiting for traffic to hit your website so people can buy your awesome thingamajig. You have a little bit of traffic and no purchases. What? How can this be? You have spent all of this time doing market testing and development. Why aren’t they not buying? If you have done your market research, have developed a good solution, and have made sure you are targeting the right audience, chances are there is an issue with your ad or sales page. Today, I am going to talk to you about split testing.

What is a Split Test?

A split test is used by marketing and advertisers alike to test their ads, sales copy, headlines, and offers. You can think of the test as basically creating a variation of an advertisement or a sales page and then splitting your traffic between them. Most of the time the original page is used and then the marketer changes different pieces to see if it increases sales or traffic conversions. Once a certain amount of traffic is received, the variation of the original is either used or a different part is modified. Many of the more popular sites offer the ability to perform split testing.

An example of this is seen on a sales website. There are essentially three parts that are adjusted. The first is the headline, the second is the sales copy, and the third is the offer. For an advertisement, the same thing takes place except for this time it is the headline, the sales copy, and the image. In general, if traffic is not converting, I will go and swap out the headline a couple of times. If traffic does not convert better then I will move on to the sales copy. If neither of these work then I know it is something with the product offering. If it is the product then don’t get too shaken up, chances are you just need to adjust the price a little to find the magic number (if you actually listened to the market and produced the correct solution).

How Do I Perform A Split Test?

Alright, so the first thing that you will need to do is install your pixel to track traffic. Don’t know what a pixel is, that’s ok, there is another post that will explain this as well in the near future. Once you have installed and tested your pixel, it’s time to watch and make sure that your ad is actually sending traffic to your site. If not, then I would start with the image as this is what grabs the user’s attention. For split testing with something like a Facebook ad, there are a couple of options. The first is duplication and the second is to make a new ad. Inside of the ads manager you can choose which one. In this example, I am going to go through the duplication method as it is fairly straight forward.

Facebook Ads Duplicate Method

Inside of the ads manager head over to the campaign that you have created. You will see a few tabs at the top of the page, click on the one that says ads for the campaign. This is where you will find your ad to duplicate.

Ad manager
Ad Manager

Once you see the ad that you want to test, hover over the pencil and you will see an option to duplicate the ad.

Options to edit or duplicate the ad
Duplicate Option For The Ad

When you click the option to duplicate you will be presented with the following screen. Make sure to check the “New Split Test Campaign” option and you will see a drop-down menu to test the ad text or image. Since the image that I am using for this advertisement is already awesome, I am going to test my copy.

Facebook ad split test options
Menu For Split Testing An Ad

Once you get to the next screen, you are presented with many options. I recommend that you only change one thing at a time, that way you can dial in what part is actually increasing your traffic rate. Below you will see a split test that I performed for a company called The Insane Affiliate which recently launched. In fact, I am still running split tests to help them increase their conversions.

Facebook ad split test options
Image of a Split Test Variation for the Primary Text.
Facebook ad split test options
The Rest of the Options

There are many different options available inside of Facebook. Once you click “Create Test”, your new ad will be launched. That is all, now you just sit back and wait. Once the test is complete you can check the learn section to see the results.

The Clickfunnels Method

Clickfunnels makes split testing very easy. Once you create your sales funnel you can actually create a variation of single pages inside of the dashboard. We would start by looking at the analysis from the pixel to see where traffic is stopping. Whatever page traffic is not passing through, we can see that this is the issue. We would then go to that page, create a split test, and monitor our traffic to see if it increases. Again, we would start with the headline and work our way to the price of the product. The image below shows an order page from the dashboard. As you can see next to the page that says control above it, there is another option that says “Start Split Test”.

Dashboard Image
Dashboard Image of an Order Page

If you click the “Create Variation” button it will present you with the option to create a new page or duplicate the page.

Pop up of the options for the split test
Option for the Split Test

For this example, I am going to use the duplicate option. Once the duplication is complete, there is an exact clone of the original right next to it in the dashboard.

Image of the duplication for the split test
Duplicate for Split Test

At this point, I will usually shift the slider to 50% for each page. This way I get a decent set of results. If a page had been running for a day or two I may shift the slider to 100% for the split test page for a day or so but not too long. Just long enough to see if traffic is converting better. For this example, I am going to change the heading to see if that will increase conversion.

Image of a changed headline
Changed Headline

After I click save and click the back arrow, I will click “Apply Changes” to launch the new page variation.

Image of the variation
The variation in Pages and the Slider for Traffic

Once this is complete you can see that everything is running. You will get results by hovering over each image. You cannot see the cursor that is hovering over the variation but trust me, it’s there.

Image of the variation split test
Hovering Over the Variation Image

If the control page has a higher probability, you will be presented with the following when hovering over the image. Again, the cursor is there but you can’t see it in the image.

Image of the control split test
Hovering Over the Control Image

Once the test is complete, you can get rid of the page that has a lower conversion rate and move on to the next bottleneck.

That is all there is too it, a whole lot of trial and error. I should note that this type of testing is not just for these two platforms. Split testing is performed on all forms of advertising and sales websites. What I have shown you is an introduction to the power of this type of testing and how to perform it. Thank you for checking out the post and remember, Just Keep GOING!!!!

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