How can I keep my customers engaged? 5 quick tips for email marketing

As stated in the previous post, Internet marketing and email marketing go hand in hand. The ability to get users to open your emails is only part of the equation. As a marketer, you need to create content that the user will also read or links that they will click. This is where marketing comes in. You must keep the user engaged in your topics, if you don’t, eventually, they will quit opening your emails. Keeping the user engaged long enough to perform some action is the overall goal. Whether it is reading what we send them, sending us feedback, or clicking a link. We also want to be able to provide value to our customers so that we keep them. This includes any offers that we send out to them. So here are some quick tips to help you keep your audience engaged in your emails.

  1. Stay on Topic

Stay on the same topic, do not jump around from point to point, topic to topic. Stay on one topic because for whatever reason, they opened the email so they want to hear about this topic. If you jump all over the place, unless it is a newsletter that actually has multiple headlines and topics, it seems unorganized and sloppy.

2. Use headlines that match the topic

Make sure that you have a headline for your email that is correct. For instance, if you are talking about how to make cupcakes you wouldn’t want to have a headline that says “Check out my new hack for making amazing steak”. While this is kind of enticing what if the user signed up for baking tips and not cooking in general?

3. Check your spelling and grammar

Make sure that the spelling and grammar is correct. Do not use slang words related to your topic unless you know that the audience already knows the topic. For instance if I said you have to make sure your conversions are high with your ad campaign otherwise you kill your chances of selling anything. Someone who doesn’t know advertising or marketing terms probably wouldn’t know that conversions are how many people click through the ad.

4. Pick appropriate topics

Again, if someone signs up for baking tips don’t send them tips on grilling. Make sure that you target baking with your content. Along with an appropriate topic, one thing that most do not consider is consistency. Your topic should be consistent throughout your emails or marketing campaign. If the users signed up for a topic, do not change the topic and send the information to the same list. Unless you have already issued a survey asking what other topics they might be interested in.

5. Make it exciting

Try to make the content of your emails exciting and fun. This will make them want to open your emails. It will make your customers look forward to hearing from you. If you make the emails seem fun then there is a higher chance that the users wont just open them, they will actually read them. Be sure to check them though to make sure that there is nothing that could be considered offensive.

Alright, that is it for this quick tip. Hopefully this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them. As always remember to just keep Going!!

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