So you want to start an online business? Here is what you need to know

Today it would seem that everyone wants to start an online business or they are already dabbling. Over the years I have seen some crazy promises and schemes. People trying to sell snake oil, get rich quick schemes, Ponzi schemes, and all kinds of other things. Even today I see all kinds of people in social media groups for internet marketing trying to sell concepts that worked years ago.

Building an online business takes time, dedication, long hours, and a lot of patience. I have watched far too many people come into the world of internet marketing, launch one product or throw out their affiliate links in a couple of places and say that it doesn’t work. The problem is that they did not put any effort or time into the process. It is not a get rich quick scheme. But wait, you mean I actually have to put in the work? YES!!! So for this post, I am going to cover some things that will help you get going and remain successful in your online endeavor.


The first thing that you will absolutely need to do to become successful with your online business is to educate yourself. There are many platforms out there to teach you different types of online business. I will outline a few of the different inexpensive courses that I have reviewed lately as a part of my offline business.

The first company specifically targets affiliate marketing along with how to sell your products as a vendor on the affiliate marketplace called Clickbank. The name of the video training is called Click Bank University. This training is fairly inexpensive and will give you a basic understanding of what you need to get started with internet marketing. If you decide that you just want others to sell your products for you, they have this side covered in the training as well. Either way, these videos will give you the basics of online marketing for passive income.

Another inexpensive training that offers a ton of value is the One Funnel Away Challenge. This challenge is designed to get you up and executing through the creation of your sales funnel. It also teaches you a lot of marketing techniques. This training is also relatively inexpensive, especially for the amount of content that you receive. The training has daily missions that are designed to get you up and moving.

Finally, GetResponse has email marketing training that you get for free when you sign up for an account. This course goes into different legal areas that you will need to know about when performing such practice. Also, the course goes into some great topics that are very well-published and cover the topics deep enough to gain a good understanding. I should note that you have to sign up for a paid account to get the training for free or you can purchase it for a fairly high cost.

Be Persistent

While you are pursuing your endeavor, choose one area and execute that. Once you get it to work, then move on. Don’t just jump around from one technique to another as you will not become successful. Once you are able to execute successfully in one area then you have a path to move into the next area, product, technique, etc.

Be Consistent

Once you get your idea, topic, and business-ready and start to execute, don’t change it until you have tested it thoroughly. I am not saying that you should not change, tweak, and adapt. What I am saying is once you start to get customers to make sure that your content is consistent. It should remain with similar topics, similar content, similar message, etc. Just make sure that what you are passing to your customers is what they signed up for. This will help retain customers longer.

Be Ready To Adapt

Over time, you will need to adjust and adapt to your customer’s needs. Make sure that you are reaching out to your customers regularly and that you are still offering them the value that they desire. If you find that they need more or they have grown past what you offer, shift to create more value. This will allow you to retain more customers. After all, your business is about your customer’s needs and not your own. You may have gone into business because of a hobby but after all, they are the ones that pay your bills.

Give It Time

Don’t expect to immediately start making money online. There are too many people out there today that are trying to tell you that you can become an overnight success with an online business. It is not that simple. You need to build up your customer lists, get in front of others, and start to build a following. It takes time for people to trust you and the stuff that you are offering. I once had someone tell me to execute every day for three months and I would see my first dollar. At first, this was the most profound thing that I had ever heard. After I tried it, it was actually quite reasonable.

Another person told me that if I publish for a year, my list and following would grow to an amazing size. I used to publish through other forms of media before switching over to medium. I can add to this statement that if you publish, for one year, and change appropriately to the right target audience, your list and following will grow. It is crazy to think about how long a year actually is and what a commitment it is to do that. But. If you really think about it, that is a year of getting a lot of practice, making adjustments, and becoming skilled in your delivery so you can better sell to your customers. It really is not that unrealistic and I can say that it absolutely works. Your customers want to know that you are going to be around tomorrow.

Be Patient

A part of any business is to be patient. There will be ups and downs with a lot of speed bumps. If you give it time and remain persistent your business will grow. Patience is a must when you are moving forward in this space. There will definitely be frustrating times as you get up and going. There will be times when you want to give up. This is why I keep saying just keep going at the end of each post. If it was not for this statement, I probably would have given up after the first month.

Don’t Give Up

The most important thing that I can tell you outside of learning, testing, and adjusting is not to give up. If you give up then the business that you long for will never become. I have heard many times that people try to give up right before the magic happens. Again, the key is to just keep executing until you have absolutely tested and tried everything. While this is more of a general statement about business and not online business, it is true for all. The online business concept is not a get rich quick scheme and again, it will definitely take some time to get up and going.

Alright, that is all for this post, hopefully, these concepts help you a bit. Also, remember, just keep GOING!!!

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