Newbies On Fire Review! Is it worth it and can I actually make money?

Alright everyone, this time I am doing a review of a program that a friend recently recommended to me. Everywhere I looked people seemed to be talking about this new program that was offering high commissions and taught how to sell online. There was so much buzz around it that I had to find out what it was. The program is called Newbies on Fire and I was pretty hesitant at first. In my mind, anything that offers a 100% commission is most likely a scam, right? Normally I would absolutely agree with you. After performing a lot of research I have found that there are people selling this who have made over $10,000 since December. When I looked deeper, it seemed that there were way more than a handful of people who were actually making some kind of money. So I decided to check it out and sign up for an account through a sponsor. This will be my honest review of the program and platform.

So what is it?

Newbies on Fire is touted as an all in one platform that teaches you marketing, has prebuilt sales pages, blogging, and many other features. The program offers high commissions and four levels for marketers to operate at. Each level has a different cost associated with it plus an administration fee. The very bottom level of training costs $25 plus a $5 administration fee. The highest level of training costs $500 plus a $50 admin fee. Whatever level you purchase, except for the $25 one gives you access to the one below it. So if you were to purchase the $100 package then you would also get the $25 one. Also, as you go you can unlock more training. To join this program you must have a sponsor so in a way it seems kind of elitist.

So how do I make money?

You make commissions through the sale of these programs to others. When you make a sale you receive that commission right to your stripe or PayPal account. When you make a sale, the second and fourth sale goes up to your sponsor. This is for every tier that you sell on. To make money on a tier you must unlock it by purchasing that tier or a higher one. So, for the $100 plan, you make commissions on the $100 and $25 plan sales. Every second and fourth time the people below you make sales those commissions come to you. So on and so forth.

What do I get?

When I joined I decided to enter a challenge group where I was greeted by a bunch of people who seemed really fired up. There were many things that I received when I joined outside of the normal program into this challenge group called the 30 for 30. This included access to a Facebook group, extra training, bonus funnels, email swipes, and access to people who have been through the process that are willing to help you. After all, why wouldn’t they? They receive commissions on your second and fourth sales. So aside from the extras, inside of the Newbies on Fire platform you receive access to the training you purchased, a blogging platform, autoresponders, a rotator, contact lists, email broadcasts, and the training package you purchased. There is also a leaderboard and some other features. The big bonus that you get with this platform is being added to a team of other like-minded people from many different skillsets and a sponsor.

Are there any downfalls to the platform?

Since the platform is still new, there are a few missing features that I have encountered that are a must for a marketer. For someone who already has prebuilt lists and paid email marketing software. Currently, there is no way to integrate your paid email campaign account with the platform. Looking at this from the perspective of someone new in the industry, this is one less thing to go wrong. For someone that pays for an autoresponder account already, the only thing that can be done is to use your paid platform with your lists and send out information through a marketing campaign outside of Newbies on Fire. The built-in one that is currently offered through the platform works fine though.

Are there any downsides to the training?

Another downside to the platform is training. All of the material is PLR content that can be found on the Internet for under $50. A lot of the training is from 2017 so it is a bit outdated but it gives a new marketer a bit of an idea as to what they should be doing. The high costs that you are paying for the training are essentially going to your upline and then the admin fee to keep the platform alive. The content does give you an idea of how to operate but for the cost, you can go buy the same thing from a PLR site or spend that money to go take legitimate training such as the OFA challenge. You will learn a lot more and have live coaching with the content, group, coaching, etc for $100. If you don’t know about the OFA challenge, be sure to check out my blog post here about it

Thoughts about the whole package

The system seems well put together and offers excellent commissions. The training material is good for a new marketer but the money could be spent on better training elsewhere. A person could use the autoresponder, blog, and other features if they were so inclined to do so which would be worth the $30 for the starter account.

The real question. Can I actually make money??

The answer is I made more money on my first day just talking to people than I did the first day launching many other affiliate products. Notice I said many, not all. Just general conversation with people online allowed me to start building out a team of others that are working toward their sales. To answer this question I would have to say maybe. It all depends on you as a person and your ability to market. Most people will not buy this platform for the super high cost they would need to come in to make more than a couple of thousand dollars. The platform is designed for those who want to make money online can get started easily and quickly. There is no need to pay for an autoresponder, blogging platform, or any of the other things that are normally required. It is already set up for you. These tools make the system worth at least the $30 to start.

What about a quick look inside?

What kind of a review would this be without a look behind the curtains at the platform? I am only going to go into a couple of areas of the back office just so you can get a quick peek.

Here is the main dashboard for the platform. From here you can access all of your information.

Image of the NOF home dashboard.
Home page for the dashboard

The next area is where you can purchase products. In this area, you can select new training and levels of income to unlock.

Training purchase area

Below is the lesson area where all of your courses are located. The training is very easy to understand and is definitely targeted at someone new who wants to earn money online.

Lesson area
This is the lesson area

The next important area is the tools area. This is where you can find the links to your pages, blogging section, and many other things used to market the platform. Many of these tools, would usually take a long time to get set up and configured on different websites. Here, they are all located in one place.

The tools area where you can set up your account.

As you notice, there is a broadcast section that allows you to email your team and a contacts tab that allows you to manage your list of team members. The Pages tab gives you access to all of the resources that you can point prospective clients and teammates to for sign up.

If you would like to check out Newbies on Fire for yourself, I have provided links to a video that explains how the system works. The link will include my sponsorship just in case you decide that this program is for you. My recommendation is to spend your money more wisely somewhere else. Buy someone who you want to mentor you a cup of coffee or go buy the $100 startup or something else to help you grow.

That is all for this post. I hope to see you join so I can help you! Also, as always, just keep GOING!!

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