Organic Traffic: 4 ways to get traffic without paying for ads

As an affiliate marketer, sometimes it is hard to find people who want your products. This video discusses ways to get organic traffic through three different methods. In this blog post I am going to talk about four ways that you can get more traffic. Before I move on to the discussion, I have included a video for those who would rather watch to learn than to read.

The first method is by using a well-known website called Quora.  With Quora you can ask or answer questions and even publish content almost like a blog post.  One thing to think about is how Quora works with Google.  If you perform a Google search for questions that are already ranked in Google, you can get yourself noticed without having to rank for those keywords.  By choosing questions that have answers which you can provide a better answer, you can bring yourself to the top of the thread.  If you have a link set up in your bio, those who have found you or that you are interacting with will have an easier time finding your content.  Also, as people start to notice that you are providing proper answers, they will go and look at your bio.  The main point of answering questions though is to provide value to the person, answer their question, DO NOT just throw your link out there.  You can see in the image below where you can provide a link to the content you want them to go and look at.  The link can be anything from a Facebook group to an affiliate link.

The second method that I will cover is the use of blog posts, exactly like the one that you are currently reading.  There are free platforms that you can use such as Medium to get started publishing your content.  Throughout your posts, you can provide links to the products that you are marketing.  You should provide value though instead of just saying buy my stuff, give a demo, a review, or something else that will help your reader see the platform.

An important part of blogging, if you want to have people find your content, is through proper keyword research and SEO.  Before even starting to write a blog post make sure to perform proper research for keywords. I have created a post about keyword research for in case you do not understand how to perform this step.  Once you have completed your blog post and have your SEO set up properly, share the links to your blog on your Facebook profile.  This way as you start to engage with others on Facebook, they will see your link to the content you have created.  If you want organic traffic from Google, you must rank your blog posts.  Sharing out the link to your posts will help boost your traffic and help you rank better in the major search engines.  Medium is good for beginning bloggers but not if you want to control certain parts of your blog.  It is possible to rank your Medium posts but there are other platforms such as WordPress that allow you more control over SEO.  At the time of this writing my newbies on fire review from Medium is ranked second, last week it was ranked number one.  I have started to move away from Medium, so it is not a surprise.  You can see from the picture below that it is possible to rank.

The third method discussed is the use of YouTube.  By building an audience in YouTube you can drive customers to your blog, affiliate products, sales funnels, and even help other people through influence marketing.  The description of your video is a perfect opportunity to provide links to your content, Facebook groups, pages, and affiliate offers.  

As you can see in this image, my affiliate link is seen without having to expand the description.

When you upload your video, you must have a proper description which tells what your video is about.  Adding other people’s videos into your description will also help you show up in their recommended videos if you rank it properly.  You must try to get at least 100 people to your video within a short amount of time so you can rank.  Also, you must use proper keyword research to rank.  After all, YouTube is a search engine.  Inside of my descriptions I have my title, affiliate offer, description, links to other videos in my niche, links to my other sites, and a way to contact me.  Also, I include a link that they can click to subscribe and the video link so they can share it with others.  This format is not necessary, but it is what I use for mine.  Be creative, make them want to read your description and make sure they have all the information that they could ever need to find you online.  Here is an example of part of my description.

The fourth and final way that will be discussed is the use of Facebook.  There are many ways to use Facebook for organic traffic.  

The first one discussed is the use of a Facebook business page to share your blog posts and other content.  The use of the about sections of both the business page and your personal profile can be used to include links to sites, content, and affiliate products.  Along with the about section, you should have a cover photo that shows what you are about.  If it is quit your 9 to 5, then it should reflect that.  Your profile picture should be of you alone, no animals or children should be included.  Below is an example of these techniques.  While my cover photo needs to be changed, you can see that there is a link to my blog.

Clicking on the about section of my business page, my followers or visitors of my page can see links to different products.  Mine, unfortunately, need to be updated.

As you can see there are links to different affiliate products, along with my blog and YouTube channel.  Finally, the posts on my page are consistent with what I am doing.  In my case it is blogging and vlogging.

The last way that I will discuss for Facebook marketing is using groups.  The first thing that you should do is to create your own group that you can use to help people with the products or niche that you have chosen.  If you go out and join different groups in your niche that “gurus” have, you will see that they have created groups to help people. 

Once you join these different groups, add value to posts just like you would on Quora.  Do not spam people as this will get people to not trust you and most likely get you banned from the group.  In certain groups in the world of affiliate marketing, there is a lot of spam.  In these groups, you can go and answer questions while building a relationship with those who want to learn. Create your own Facebook group and after you talk with people, invite them to your group.  Do not be pushy about it, just say something like “hey by the way, I created this group.  Is that something you would be interested in?”  The point is to provide value and not to spam people.  If you actually answer the questions of others and provide value they will trust what you say along with your ethical beliefs.  

One thing that should be noted about these groups is that the spam can actually help you promote products and posts. How? Because every time someone responds to your post it brings it back to life. While it may be annoying, if you look at it from a different perspective, it can help you.

That is all for this post, hopefully it help you learn different ways to drive traffic without having to pay a bunch of money. Remember, Just Keep Going!

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