Easy1Up Review: What’s the deal?

Recently I signed up for a new program that offered high commissions and seemed to offer a lot of perks. After looking over the program and giving it a trial run I decided that an Easy1Up review was in order.

Before I get to the Easy1Up review, I have included a video for those who would like to check out the review on YouTube channel.

For those who do not know what this program is but know about Newbies On Fire, it is very similar. You buy in at a level where you get marketing training.  The higher the level, the more training.  You use the training that you received to then market the product to others.  The level that you sign up for allows you to sell at that level or below.  What is good about this program is that you make 100% commission on what you sell.  Along with the course sale there is an admin fee that you must pay. This goes to the Easy1Up company to maintain the website and content.  Now that you have an idea of what the program is, let us discuss some of the things that are important to an affiliate marketer.

The Training

I will do a comparison of this platform to Newbies On Fire or NOF for short in a different post but for now just know that there are pros and cons of both platforms.  The back office of NOF has more features, but the training is not as extensive.  One of the great things that I noticed about Easy1Up is the training.  There are many modules, even at the base level.  Each of the modules are roughly an hour which gives you a lot of training for a little bit of money.  The training itself is extensive and will give the new marketer a good idea of how the process works.

The Branding

The branding for the platform is clean.  The colors are set forth in a manner that is attractive but not overwhelming.  This makes the marketers job much easier and allows them to sell the product easier. Also, on the main page there is a sales video that explains the program and how everything works.  The name implies that the program is easy and targets the correct market.  Overall, the branding is enticing.  I will say that the branding for NOF, to me, was more appealing but Easy1Up is cleaner.

The Back Office

The back office gives the marketer the standard stuff that they need to operate.  When you first log in you see a dashboard with your sales, your affiliate links, and commissions.  This page also has any leads and the number of people who signed up which did not pay yet.

The dashboard for the platform

On the left you can see all the links that go to the different areas of the dashboard. Useful areas such as your commissions, products, account, team, and other stuff that the company feels you may need to know about.

The platform sidebar

Taking a look at the product tab, you can see that there is a total of 6 programs that range from $25 to $2000. When you sign up at a level, these are unlocked which allows you to view the training and sell it.  

Easy1Up programs tab

For this Easy1Up review, I am going to show you the basic level.  Clicking on elevation, you can see that there is a lot of training and each module is over an hour. This may seem overwhelming at first, but you can get through it pretty quickly if you just get started.

The elevation program that I talk about in the Easy1Up review
The courses for the elevation program that I talk about in the Easy1Up review

In the affiliate marketing section, you can find things such as the following:

Marketing Resources

The marketing resources page

Text Ad Samples

The Text Ad Samples page

Marketing Banners

The image banners page

Everything that a marketer may need to properly market the product. The dashboard is set up standard but looking around, there are some things missing that others have been trying to solve.  I will go into these in a few but first, let us talk about the rest of the features in the dashboard.

The my team section allows you to view the contact information for those who have paid and those who have not paid. This is great because it allows you to follow up with those who have not purchased yet but signed up for the program.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So here is the thing. There are many good aspects to this program. The sales are fairly easy to make due to the awesome amount of training and branding. In fact, the money made from this platform in a few days was more than I made with NOF in 3 months.  The program offers 100% commissions so the harder you work the more money you can make.

Let’s get to some of the things that are not so great for new marketers but great for experienced marketers. Since the platform seems to range from beginning to advanced marketers, there are some issues identified.  These are the same issues that others have tried to solve. For instance, there is no way to integrate an autoresponder. There is a very basic message system built into the platform but no real way to follow up with leads unless you copy the email addresses out into a paid email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign.

There are other companies out there that have attempted to fix this by creating integrations, but they do not really tie into Easy1Up. So, from an experienced marketer’s perspective setting up a funnel to collect information is standard practice. From a new marketer’s perspective or those who do not have a lot of money to get started, this is an issue.

Finally, there is another option that I will discuss.  There is an affiliate marketer named Michael Mansell that has created a company called AMP. This program is set up to tie into Easy1Up and has a feature that allows the marketer to perform automated marketing of the program. This activity includes the autoresponder feature through a company called Royaltie.

There is another program that I have not looked into yet called FunnelX Roi. After performing some research, if I feel like it is worth giving you guys a review, I will do so.

Can I make money with this program?

Here is the ultimate question.  Can I actually make money with this program? The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no.  To make money with any program you must have to execute and be persistent.  Yes, you can make money with this program.  You must reach out to people every day repeatedly.  You must be able to be told no.  Can you make money, absolutely!  When it comes to the marketing of this program, it is probably one of the easier ones that I have marketed.  Having drive combined with consistency, the right sales funnel, and follow up sequences, anyone can make money.

For those looking for a program to market that is not too expensive, provides training, and allows you the freedom to market the way you want to this is the program you are looking for.

That is it for the Easy1Up review, if you want to check out the program, I am offering you the use of my link to sign up. I also have many other bonuses included such as a high converting sales funnel, mentorship, a step by step process, a Facebook optimization course, and a few other things. These are at no extra cost to those who use my link.

Hopefully, this Easy1Up review helped you make an informed decision on the program and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for checking out my post and remember Just Keep Going!

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