Amazon FBA, How to Stay Ahead of Your Competition!

A topic that is kind of near and dear to me as I have described in previous posts is affiliate marketing. Truth be told, it took me a long time to actually get started. Once I saw how all of the pieces fit together, it just kind of clicked. I realized that I could marketContinue reading “Amazon FBA, How to Stay Ahead of Your Competition!”

Entrepreneurial Goal Crushing, Stay Motivated!

One of the topics I briefly touched on this week is motivation. As an entrepreneur, I know far too well the struggle of staying motivated. Man, things are getting off track, I missed today, this just isn’t working, and why do I have to keep going. This is my internal struggle. That voice constantly tellingContinue reading “Entrepreneurial Goal Crushing, Stay Motivated!”

Don’t Fall For Another $1000 Course. You Need To Read This!

For some of you out there who are just starting to break into entrepreneurship, there are many things that can affect your business. One of them is called “shiny object syndrome”. According to Entrepreneur (2017), shiny object syndrome is a disease that distracts entrepreneurs due to their need for new technology and new developments. IContinue reading “Don’t Fall For Another $1000 Course. You Need To Read This!”

How Did I Get Here? My Success Story.

You might be wondering how I got here. This morning, I found myself asking the same question. While reflecting on this question I started to step backward through a very specific series of events. When I finished my MBA about four years ago I was looking for a business to start. After all, I wasContinue reading “How Did I Get Here? My Success Story.”

YouTube SEO Tips

Ok, so you have created the perfect video. Everything went in your favor, all the practicing has paid off, and you were able to successfully create your phenomenal masterpiece! Now what? I see and hear a lot of people talking about vlogging, tips to make your videos better, and ways to make them look moreContinue reading “YouTube SEO Tips”

Issues Integrating Clickfunnels with GetResponse? Here is the Solution

Over the weekend I was working on a new project, trying to finalize all of the accounts needed for my new venture. I was running through all of the setups when I realized that I needed an autoresponder to actually follow up with my customers. You know, because that is a part of being aContinue reading “Issues Integrating Clickfunnels with GetResponse? Here is the Solution”